It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Posted by Deb Brown on 12/1/2020 5:00:00 AM

                                It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….

Coronavirus.  Children in masks.  Hybrid or in-person.  Social Distancing.  Quarantine.  “Flexible” schedules.  Working remotely.  Getting tested.  “New Normal”.   Virtual hugs.

Is it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?  You bet.  Even when wearing a mask, a child’s wide eyes take in the splendor of a beautiful light display.  Thoughts turn to family and friends even though we may need to get creative on how we connect.  Many winter activities can be enjoyed while staying healthy and safe.  No, it hasn’t been easy.  But, here we are, nine months after the initial “introduction” to a near invisible invader that changed our lives and we’re functioning and making things work.

The holidays are a time to enjoy traditions that make these months special.  What if you can’t celebrate in the “usual” way?  It’s important for children to have some sense of normalcy, so make your own new traditions!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Plan a standing movie night.
  • Host a weekly talent show or family singalong.
  • Schedule art and creativity time together. Coloring is a soothing activity for kids and adults! Set a timer and have LEGO building challenges.
  • Create a weekly tradition around a favorite family dish – preferably one that kids can get involved in the preparation: think Taco Tuesday, pizza nights and pancake breakfasts.
  • Teach your child how to help you in the kitchen, or if they’re old enough, to make recipes on their own.
  • Make meal-planning a family affair: One week, let your child pick the meal, the next week, rotate to another family member. You can even incorporate themes, decorate the dining area and play music to match.
  • Look to trails nearby for weekly nature hikes.
  • Go for evening walks around the block.
  • Use one of the breaks in your child’s remote learning schedule for the family to exercise together, outdoors or indoors.
  • If your child is an athlete, encourage them to stay active by staging family competitions – the best driveway three-point shot, the most push-ups.
  • Look up yoga, dance and other instructional videos to try together.
  • Teach your child about your family’s cultural heritage: Bake traditional recipes, play traditional music, look up photos and videos of famous places.
  • Send care packages to loved ones.
  • Write a thank-you letter to an essential worker, like your mail carrier, a grocery store cashier or healthcare worker.
  • Show your child how to do something you love (properly detail a car, make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, arrange flowers).
  • Ask your child to teach you some new dance moves, or teach them yours.
  • Schedule time as a family to practice mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Schedule a recurring game night. You can go classic like charades or cards, or something modern like your child’s favorite video game.

So much to do and so little time!!  Enjoy this upcoming season with your children and family members and remember, although our gatherings may be different, they can still be fun, relaxing and memorable.

Most Respectfully,

Pamela Stiles, Superintendent                                     December 1, 2020