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    Posted by Deb Brown on 10/1/2020 5:00:00 AM


    This time of the year is very special in New Hampshire: the air is crisp, the trees are ablaze with color, and we begin preparing for the winter that awaits us.  While we must stay mindful of the practices that should be utilized to keep us all safe from illness this year, there are a number of activities that can be shared with family and friends. 

    What ideas would be on your “Fall-ing” list:  those things that excite, relax, engage, inspire and educate during a season that offers so much variety of opportunity.  Would  your Fall-ing plan include any of these?:

    Lacing up your hiking boots and enjoying some of the over 4,000 miles of NH trails.

    • Picking your own apples, blackberries or pumpkins and then bringing the harvest home to be made into a delicious (and wonderful smelling!) treat.
    • Making your way through a corn maze, navigating the twists and turns that challenge your sense of direction. Trying your hand at ultimate frisbee while you’re there.
    • Welcoming the wind in your hair as you bicycle through foliage lined bike paths.
    • Renting a kayak, canoe or paddling in one of the 944 lakes and 41,800 miles of NH rivers and streams.
    • Exploring the habitats of New Hampshire wildlife, catching a glimpse of a moose, deer, or loon.
    • Finding peace and quiet on your favorite shore, then casting your line into calm waters.

    During this time of heightened stress and uncertainty, we must make time to focus on activities that will lift our spirits, create memories and allow us to stay true to family traditions.  Our children, many of whom are learning while at home, need time with others to talk, to explore, and to be reminded that, while there is unpredictability and anxiety, there is also strength and resoluteness.

    Take some time to escape and rejuvenate.  

    What are your plans for Fall-ing?


    Pamela Stiles, Superintendent

    October 1, 2020

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