ACS Pre-Kindergarten

  • Alton Central School Pre-Kindergarten is a public preschool program free to residents of Alton, New Hampshire.  Alton Central School Pre-Kindergarten is a child centered program which follows the New Hampshire Early Learning Standards.  Students engage in play based and teacher directed activities to grow socially and emotionally while at the same time building strong foundations in the areas of communication, pre-academic skills, and physical development. 

    Alton Central School Pre-Kindergarten has a primary commitment to students ages 3-5 who are at-risk for special education or have previously been identified with special educational needs.  All students participate in all activities in a fully inclusive classroom with the assistance of teachers, specialists, and para professionals. 

    Alton Central School Pre-Kindergarten has historically participated in State-wide initiatives which promote social-emotional outcomes for preschool students.  Alton Central School Pre-Kindergarten staff work to foster positive nurturing relationships with students and families.  Using researched and evidenced based practices, the Alton Central School is dedicated to including families in the process of encouraging development and growth in all areas for their children. 

    Click here for the 2020-21 PreK Handbook  

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