Dear Families,

    I’m sure many of you have been wondering what is happening in the world of Winter Sports here at Alton Central. Well, like everything else, things have changed. The decision has been made by the COVID Status Team to be proactive and keep our school community healthy by continuing to follow the protocols that have been working very well at the school. Therefore, we will be cancelling Winter Sports. 

    We certainly understand the frustration that everyone must have, as we do as well.  Getting back to “normal” would be great. However, at this time it is just not going to work. A lot of this is due to increasing COVID numbers as well as the nature of basketball. Indoor ventilation, social distancing and cohort separation must all be taken into consideration when determining what is the safest environment for our athletes.  Unfortunately, an indoor gymnasium is just not a great place to be at this time.  

    Our hope is that winter will go by and we can fire up Spring Sports. Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field. It would be great to see everyone back and Athletics returning to ACS and the world.

    I hope this covers everything. I realize that this is a crazy time and nothing is perfect. Please feel free to email me with any questions at: rperrin@sau72.org

    Stay well,

    Russ Perrin AD

    October 27, 2020