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How to Volunteer

Criminal Records Check Procedure: For the safety of the ACS students and staff, and in accordance with Federal Law, ALL volunteers must complete a Criminal Records Check. This process takes time to complete, sometimes up to a month. Please follow these steps to allow the process to move along smoothly and as quickly as possible:
  1. Complete a Volunteer Registration Form and a Criminal Record Release Authorization Form (found under "Volunteering" here on the website).
  2. Have fingerprint scan completed at the Alton Police Department.  Remember to bring your driver's license with you.  You will be given a Livescan Fingerprinting Acknowledgement Form upon successful completion of the scan.
  3. Bring these three completed forms to the Volunteer Coordinator within five days of the scan. There is a strict deadline to be met by the SAU in order to complete the process.  The Volunteer Coordinator can notarize the record release form for you.
  4. The SAU will notify the Volunteer Coordinator when they have received the results from the state.
  5. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify you when you have been cleared to begin volunteering at ACS.