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Welcome to Alton Central School PreK

Parent Conferences for PreK Mrs. Rees can be scheduled on SIGN UP GENIUS using the first BUTTON below.  Conferences are scheduled for 20 minutes.  During this time we can discuss your child's strengths and challenges as well as any concerns or questions you may have about our daily routines. Use the second BUTTON below to on the day of the conference to remote in at your scheduled time.

Welcome to Alton Central School Prekindergarten!! 

My name is Mrs. Rees, and I am so happy to welcome you and your family into my classroom and our program. I know you may be feeling EXCITED about coming to school and some of you may be feeling NERVOUS.  Let me share a bit about myself to help you feel more CALM. 

First let’s take a deep breath in and SMELL THE FLOWERS and BLOW OUT THE CANDLE. 

Feeling more calm???  I am.  This is something we do every day to get ready to start our day..  

I have been teaching PreK at ACS for many years and it is my favorite thing in the whole world.  We get to play every day.  Our classroom has a Block area, a Pretend area, a Group Meeting space, an Art/ Creative area, a Sensory table, and a quiet space where we can relax to read or make a puzzle.  Every day we play, create, sing, read, draw, and learn new things.

When I am not teaching, I live in Meredith with my pets, Tubbles and Lexi, and my family.  I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, reading and doing Sudoku puzzles. I also spend lots of time working around my house.