Laurie Griggs » Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies!

Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies!

It’s time for parent teacher conferences!

In this email you find a link to sign up for a conference time for your student. This year, conferences will be held remotely. Please choose one time slot for your student. You will be asked to provide your first and last name, and an email address for us to send the meet link.  In the comment section, please provide the full name of your student. 

There will be two teachers from the team at each conference.  Although it is not possible for you to request specific teachers for your conference, we will do our best to have shared student information as a team prior to the conference. 

We strongly encourage students to attend their conference. They have completed a reflection that will guide the conference conversation. 

Conference slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sign-up deadline is October 19th at 3 pm. 

8th Grade Parent Teacher Conference Signup

We look forward to meeting with you,


Middle School Team 

Hello, and welcome to my Social Studies classes!  My name is Ms. Griggs and I will be teaching one section of 7th grade and all sections of 8th grade Social Studies this year. Many of this year's 8th graders had me for Social Studies last year, so I am familiar to them.  For those of you who are new to my class, let me introduce myself.
Having taught in Alton for many years, I am well acquainted with the area and I love it!  Some of my favorite activities include kayaking, hiking, and exploring its history.   An avid New England sports fan, I enjoy discussing the latest games, trades, and events (even with Yankees fans :)).  I played and coached soccer for many years, and you will often find me on the sidelines or in the stands cheering you on if you play on any of the teams here at ACS.
Above all else, though, I am an animal lover.  Let's put it this way - all of my kids have paws and they are all rescues.  My dog, Callie is a pit mix who is afraid of water, but who loves her feline brothers, Finley and Dickens. I volunteer at a local shelter and often organize donation drives to help them out. If you have pets, please let me know!  We already have something in common
I like to infuse my classes with a variety of activities, so don't be surprised if while studying history, you find yourself learning a new skill or craft that was popular in times gone by.  You will also be making connections with other subjects - collecting data and analyzing it as you might in science class, creating graphs and evaluating statistics as you might in math, and of course, reading articles stories, and primary source documents, and creating written responses in such forms as essays, letters, poems and sometimes even songs. 
As always, I look forward to starting a new year, getting to know each of you and making 2021-2022 one of the best ever!
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