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Welcome to Mrs. Forbes Title I Math





Mrs. Forbes lives in New Durham with her husband Doug and her son Josh. Her daughter Stephanie lives in New Durham too with her husband, 3 sons, and daughter. Mrs. Forbes loves to spend time with her family, swim, kayak, traveling and listen to audio books. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

I have worked at ACS for 15 years and have taught first grade, second grade, fourth grade, fifth grade math and 5th grade reading. For the past three years I have been the Title I Teacher. 

Math has changed since I went to school and it has been an adjustment to change my way of thinking. Many people think it is "New Math". I can assure you it is not. Math Sense is what we teach. What is 17?  It is one ten and 7 ones. It is solving problems from 1st grade on. Knowing that 3 + 7 = 10 is great but we ask the children to know that 3 + ? = 10. I would be glad to talk to anyone who is struggling to understand the math of the 20th century. I have also added a page with Greg Tang who is world renown mathematician and author. I have been to many of his workshops and online trainings. I have also included work by Christina Tondevold who does many trainings with number sense for teachers.