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    “The mission of the Alton School District, as our community school, is to ensure our students learn and apply the knowledge and skills essential to become critical thinkers and contributing citizens.”


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  • A new communication tool for SAU 72 is now available!  

    The Alton Central School mobile app is now available! The app can be found at the iTunes App Store or, for Android owners, at the Google Play Store. The download is free and provides direct access to calendars, menus, contact information, and school news.  The school is currently working to create individual teacher webpages that will house assignments and resources. 

    Just select the link corresponding to your device, or search Alton Central School in either app store, and you will be able to download our new app.


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    Kindergarten Registration for 2017-2018

    Registration for the 2017-2018 Alton Central School kindergarten class will be held on the following date for SAU #72. Screenings will be held on Friday, April 21, 2017 from 8:00 to 2:00pm, please call for an appointment.

    Students must be 5 years old by September 30, 2016. The child’s birth certificate and immunization records should be brought to Kindergarten registration. If your child has had her/his physical recently, please bring it to the registration. For more information and to schedule a screening appointment, please call Brandy Sanger, Administrative Assistant to the Special Education Director, at 875-9302.



    Pre-K Screening for 2017-2018

    Screening for the 2017-2018 Alton Central School Pre-K program will be held on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

    Students must be 3 years old by September 30, 2017.  For more information and to schedule a screening appointment, please call Brandy Sanger, Administrative Assistant to the Special Education Director, at 875-9302.


    Alton Central School, SAU #72

    Child Find

    SAU #72 serves the Alton School District. As mandated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), public schools must provide Special Education for all children between the ages of 2 ½  to age 21 who are determined to be educationally disabled.  Additionally, school districts are required to have formal “Child  Find”  procedures  to  locate,  evaluate and  count  children  who  may have  disabilities  to ensure  that  eligible  children  are  found,  classified and  provided needed  services.  This law applies to all children including those in nonpublic schools, preschools and hospital settings as well as children who are wards of the state and transient children.


    If  you  suspect  that  a  child  living  in  Alton  may  have  an  educational disabling  condition  you  are encouraged  to  contact  SAU  72  to  discuss  your  concerns.  School personnel  will  provide  you  with information  on  the procedure  for  making  a  referral.  In addition, the School District will provide a screening for those families on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 from 8:00am - 2pm. To schedule an appointment or for additional information please contact Brandy Sanger, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Education SAU #72 (875-9302).




    View helpful tutorials with these links to learn how to help your child use the on-line versions of our class materials. These on-line books are an option for you and your family. The on-line option does not replace conventional textbooks. If you have questions or any problems accessing these books, please contact your child’s teacher involved with the course. We hope these tutorials are helpful, and we hope the chance to use on-line books opens up additional opportunities for your child to complete assignments or investigate course material from any location, and any device.

    Cris Blackstone

    Principal, Alton Central School





Principal's Message

  • Principal Blackstone

    To Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium and

              Back in Time for ACS’ Round the World Math Night!

    February vacation week was very special for me! I was able to visit my alma mater in Leuven, Belgium, culminating a nine-day trip abroad. Starting in Iceland, with a full day in the Blue Lagoon, landing as the most intense blizzard since 1938 on the island crippled all transportation, and seeing the Northern Lights was a terrific way to get over the jet lag before heading to museums in the Netherlands. I am interested in botany, so visiting a significant botanical garden in Amsterdam meant a lot to me. Plant historians can appreciate the Hortus Botanicus, and seeing plants from around the world in luxurious educational greenhouses was an extraordinary experience. Then, to Belgium, and visiting friends from my university days and a reunion with my husband’s PhD professor and all of his partners in the Research and Development of such things as the initial “indiglo” watch or the solar cells installed in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, made for terrific discussions about STEM in the U.S.

    And, now a few weeks later, experiencing a blizzard of equally historic proportions, I am now eager to have some of these experiences from my trip translate in to action here at ACS. Mrs. Laura Roberts, one of our middle level teachers, also has a keen interest in plants, botany and therefore, in our school gardens. Mrs. Roberts recently attended a workshop at the Massachusetts Horticulture Society in Wellesley, MA. That day was dedicated to school gardens, and meaningful ways to integrate plants and school gardens as labs in to school curriculum, across many grade levels. We’ll be looking for parents, teachers, and students who are interested in our school gardens to come together in the Spring to plan ways we can participate in “Plant Something” Day, May 20. Be watching for information on family participation and input on the gardens we have and how to “grow” them in to our school day!

    Mrs. Kristine Roberge orchestrated our Family Math Night, with the theme of “Math Around the World” which delighted several dozen families. Attendees appreciated the pasta meal, which filled the air with the scent of robust tomato sauce, and then participated in four different math games, of varying difficulty, to please all age groups. From the initial idea of a math night, to help keep us thinking, discussing, and “speaking math”, to Mrs. Roberge’s vision of the family participation, the Family Night showcased our student’s interests and abilities in many, many ways. With colleagues helping serve the meal, and working as tour guides from the classrooms themed by countries, this was an event made possible by many faculty volunteers. This is the type of event ACS can host due to the level of participation by volunteers and enthusiastic attendees.


    We have designated the week of March 20-24 as Alton’s Wellness Week, which is possible by the work from the Wellness and Safety Committee. Members of the committee are: Officer Sullivan, retiring School Resource Officer; Mr. Paul Roberts, Assistant Principal; Mary Gubitose, student representative; Mr. Sam Cowan, Food Service Director; Mrs. Kathy Oblenes, SAU 72 Business Administrator; Mrs. Laura Roberts, faculty representative to School Care; Mrs. April Elliott, our school nurse; and Mr. Chuck Norwood, Buildings & Grounds Director. It has been a pleasure to watch this committee take the grain of an idea for a Wellness Fair and design this week of activities to bring a heightened awareness of taking care of one’s self! With the events led by Ms. Heather Smith, Core Dynamix Studio in Alton, to our own Mrs. Urena, leading a Drums Alive! practice session, Nurse Elliott conducting a clinic with three non-invasive health screenings, and the week wrapping up with a representative from School Care, promising fun and informative sessions throughout the day, the week puts a focus on important topics.

    From this overview of things going on in Alton’s corner of the world, I hope you have a sense of how many types of things we appreciate and can celebrate here! Please feel free to come visit, and see first-hand what we get to be front row to every day!



    Cris Blackstone

Assistant Principal's Message

  • Assistant Principal Roberts


    Assistant Principal’s Message

    March, as the old adage goes roared like a lion. In March, the Wellness Committee held a Wellness Far for faculty and staff. A special thank you goes to many people who helped make our Wellness fair a success.

    Heather Smith from Core Dynamix started the week with an excellent presentation about how much sugar is in much of the food we eat and its effect on our bodies. Heather’s talk was still being discussed the next day.

    April Elliott, the school nurse, conducted health screening.  She checked blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation throughout the day on Thursday. She also answered many health related questions as we were screened.

    Jana Dalton from School Care was here answering questions about school care and the incentives that School Care offers to the faculty and staff.

    Food Service Director, Sam Cowen, showed the Third and Fourth graders the how delicious fruit infused water tastes as well as the nutritional benefit.

    Alton Central School Principal, Cris Blackstone, the Special Education Director Jennifer Katz-Borrin, Curriculum Coordinator Denise Perry and I helped create and serve a light lunch to the staff during the in-service day.

    A thank you goes to the Wellness Committee for their suggestions and support.

    As I look out the window, I hope that April showers will turn into May flowers.


    Paul Roberts