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  • Our Mission

    “The mission of the Alton School District, as our community school, is to ensure our students learn and apply the knowledge and skills essential to become critical thinkers and contributing citizens.”


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     Lunch Tray

    Lunch Menu Change for Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

    Pasta Plain & Meat Sauce


    Steamed Vegetable





    Winter Carnival    

                   See here for details on this week's Winter Carnival.   

     Winter Carnival 2017


    School Store





    Students can check out our new school store on the front patio

    from 7:15 to 7:40am on Tuesday, March 7th and Tuesday, March 14th.





    View helpful tutorials with these links to learn how to help your child use the on-line versions of our class materials. These on-line books are an option for you and your family. The on-line option does not replace conventional textbooks. If you have questions or any problems accessing these books, please contact your child’s teacher involved with the course. We hope these tutorials are helpful, and we hope the chance to use on-line books opens up additional opportunities for your child to complete assignments or investigate course material from any location, and any device.

    Cris Blackstone

    Principal, Alton Central School




    Strategic Planning

    A representative group of school employees, parents, the school board, and the community are currently working on creating a Strategic Plan for the School District. To date, three belief statements and a mission statement have been created. The committee invites community members to visit here to provide feedback on the work that has been done. The results will be used to refine and complete the project. It is anticipated that the final Plan will be presented to the School Board by the end of this school year. The survey will be open until Friday, March 3, 2017.

    Pamela A. Stiles, Superintendent of Schools

Principal's Message


    Cupcakes and Conversations

    Cupcakes and Conversations!

              Why I love my job!

    This picture captures it all! I was having a conversation with a teacher, constructively discussing some ideas for children and a STEM activity for one of the January Thursdays when we has the Gunstock Ski/Stay Days to plan. I was engrossed in the idea, and impressed with the details the teacher was sharing. I looked up to see a student peeking in my office door window, smiling and giving me cues that she wanted to come in to my office.

    Teachers understand these interruptions, so I did open the door – to be presented with these two gorgeous homemade cupcakes as a part of her sharing a celebration with me. I was spontaneous with my enthusiasm and said that I was going to Mr. Cowan and getting two cartons of milk to enjoy with the cupcakes! It was great to hear her say she loved milk, too, and I set them aside until the conclusion of my conversation and when I could get the milk and really enjoy this treat. (Looking back, perhaps I should have offered one of the cupcakes to the teacher in my office?!?!)

    When I got the milk, and came and sat down to enjoy them, I realized these cupcakes are symbolic of why I love my job. The opportunities I have to learn more about the students and their families, their hobbies and interests outside of school and their goals for things they are doing during their school days, mean a lot to me. I realize I am so appreciative of the chances I have to see your children in this light, and be a “fly on the wall” when I share things I see or hear from your children is important to me. You have values you instill in your children, so when I hear them say, unprompted, please or thank you or excuse me in class or halls or the cafeteria, I do think of you as parents and families raising these great kids!

    I love the chances I have to share educational ideas with students and teachers. Getting time to talk, unplugged, with teachers is some of the most valuable time in any principal’s day. It’s terrific to be building sound professional relationships with staff members and getting the chance to hear new ideas come from the people who are front row to students and classroom situations that I may not be aware of. In fact, it was through a conversation with a parent that the idea hatched to have our Basketball Awards Evening evolve as it is now. We’re having a faculty/parent team play against a team comprised of our student athletes, followed by a sit-down dinner and then the coaches convening with their teams to present their awards to wrap up this season. A small kernel of an idea can grow to great new events like this one that’s coming up in early March!

    Cupcakes and conversations make my day fly by, and give me great memories and great food for thought! Please feel free to call, e-mail, or plan to visit and share your interest in helping make ACS be all it can be!


    Sincerely, Cris Blackstone

Assistant Principal's Message

  • Assistant Principal Roberts


    Assistant Principal’s Message

    We know when February arrives, apart from winter like temperatures; it ushers in the Super Bowl.  A special thanks to Mr. Cowen and the ACS lunch staff for decorating the cafeteria and playing stadium music to set the tone for lunch. Students were encouraged to wear sports shirts of their favorite team.  It was great fun!

    ACS hosted the annual Pinewood Derby in January.  The event was organized and sponsored by Cub Scout Pack 53.  It is with deep felt appreciation that I thank Bruce Scott and the other den leaders for their energy and hard work in organizing this well attended family event.  As I watched the cars race down the shiny metal track with electronic time keeping, I remembered the wooden chute my car travelled down and then raced across the concrete floor to the finish line when I participated in a Pinewood Derby in Springvale, Maine many years ago.

    If Puxatawney Phil is to be believed, we will have six more weeks of winter.  The lost and found is growing at school.  If you have the opportunity, check the lost and found by the cafeteria for any of your child’s missing hats, gloves and coats. Periodically, items are put into Goodwill donation bins, so please check out the lost and found.



    Paul Roberts